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i’ve left maine and returned to connecticut.  i’ll begin teaching high school art this fall which is an exciting change!  until then i’ve set up a makeshift painting studio in my memere’s summer kitchen and i plan to work with oils to paint figures, portraits and landscapes and brush up on my 2d art.  it feels good to be making my own art for a bit before i jump back into teaching! 

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photos from the second session at waynflete school’s summertime arts camp! a whole lot of colorful pottery, weavings, japanese art, and stained glass windows to brighten the school’s art gallery! 

tonight to celebrate the end of the first session of summertime arts camp at waynflete school all the teachers installed a gallery show of student work to show off all of our talented students!!

teaching wheel throwing to 5 & 6 year olds is the most interesting.  they either worry too much or just don’t care and go for it.  i really appreciate teaching wheel throwing to young kids because it allows me to really slow down and think about my own work and my own process.  they’re also always so amazed by the wheel and just their experiences trying to produce a pot that will hopefully hold even the smallest drop of liquid. 

so now that summer has started so have the kids pottery summer camps!!

Lindsey Demuth

So I haven’t updated this blog in a while.  I’ve been back at MECA working towards my Masters of Arts in Teaching in their 10 month program.  I’ll be graduating this weekend and I’ve finally finished putting together my teaching portfolio site.  Y’all should check it out! 

Working on lesson plans. 


hey go check out arthur’s work.  it’s rad!
i’m also practicing this screen printing thing.  i’ve got some ideas for goodies to make with my prints!

this past first friday in putnam, ct sawmill pottery set up a couple of wheels on the street where i did throwing demos with a couple other members of the studio! it was a really great time.  i hadn’t thrown in a while but it was fun to be on the street making pots, talking to people from the community and even working with some children to throw pots and encourage their interest in the kids summer clay camp programs that sawmill offers!

it’s weird to not be writing school papers or doing studio work.  i’ll be back to writing papers and researching come august though.  soon i’ll return to MECA to continue my education in teaching art education! for now i’m spending my summer days with my cats, and trying to be crafty by crocheting and sewing.  i’ve also been making sure to photograph colors, textures, forms and patterns that stand out to me. (you can see more by following my instagram: lindseydemuth)  i was also able to attend a day of demos at the sprinkler factory in worcester, mass which was really sweet! aysha peltz and todd wahlstrom did some really great demos and it only made me want to make my own work and make it better!

     I’m all graduated from MECA now! Here are a few photos taken from the MECA Thesis website. 

     For the June First Friday I will be giving an artist talk and having a gallery opening at Sawmill Pottery in Putnam, Connecticut! Y’all should stop by and check it out if you’re in the area! My talk will start for 7:30 and I’ll present about where my work has come from and where I am heading next.  Come celebrate with me and see some work by myself and other local artists at Sawmill and in the local galleries!


lindsey demuth.  it ain’t about bling-bling.  april 2013. earthenware.  slip.  underglaze. gold paint. house paint.

i got my thesis installed! tomorrow i’ll be giving a short 5 minute presentation! it came out better than i had imagined.  i’ll be taking some quality photos to post later this week!